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Auszug aus einer Präsentation zur Errichtung einer Stiftung Mendelssohn Forum Berlin (SMFB).
The Foundation "Mendelssohn Forum Berlin"

The Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft is laying the groundwork for establishing the "Mendelssohn Forum Berlin" Foundation. Its purpose will be to turn the Mendelssohn-Remise, the former carriage house of the old Berlin headquarters of the Mendelssohn Bank (Jägerstrasse 51, on Gendarmenmarkt Square), into a "Mendelssohn Forum". This will be dedicated to supporting and presenting research into the Mendelssohn family and their many traces on the historical and cultural map of Berlin, while also throwing a spotlight on the topic of "civic responsibility". First and foremost, the foundation will have the objective of preserving the Mendelssohn-Remise, an official heritage site, as an authentic place of historical remembrance, music-making, scientific and intellectual discussion, and reflection.

The establishment of a charitable foundation will ensure that these objectives can be realized over the long-term.

Since it is essential to give the project a solid basis both in the short and in the medium term, our efforts are currently running on two parallel tracks: