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Cecíle Lowenthal-Hensel (geb. 1923), die Gründerin der Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft, eine Urenkelin Fanny Hensels, hier im Wappensaal des Berliner Rathauses anlässlich des Treffens der Mendelssohn Nachfahren 2007 in Berlin.

Historical places in Berlin

While there were considerations to re-establish the Mendelssohn bank after 1945, this project was not realized. A large share of the claims to restitution to which the members of the Mendelssohn family were entitled could be filed only after the reunification of the two German states in 1990. The edition of works by Moses Mendelssohn, commenced in 1929 to mark the bicentennial of his birth, and interrupted forcibly during the rule of the National Socialists (his books were among those burned on May 10th, 1933), could be completed only at the beginning of the 21st century. The rediscovery of the works by the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy continues, after his music was prohibited under Nazi rule. His composer nephew Arnold Mendelssohn has remained forgotten, whose works were likewise banned in that era.

The family Mendelssohn, which once played such an important role for Berlin and Germany, was brought to light again when the Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft e.V. was formed in 1967 as a registered association by Cécile Lowenthal-Hensel, a great-granddaughter of Fanny Hensel. For more details on the development taken by the association, please click here: history. In 2002, a working group Arbeitskreis Geschichtsmeile Jägerstraße was established to research the history of Jägerstrasse, to mark the locations at which the lives of the Mendelssohns played out in the Mitte district of Berlin, and to direct public attention to this great family by information signs and commemorative plaques.