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Stühle aus dem Musikzimmer Fanny Hensels geb. Mendelssohn.
Special exhibition 2: "A Contrasting World: Leipziger Strasse No. 3" and the "Fanny Hensel Project"

The exhibition banner, announcing the "contrasting world" of the families Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Hensel at Leipziger Strasse 3, the venue of the famed "music Sundays at home", is an indication of the plan to expand the permanent exhibition "The Mendelssohns in Jägerstrasse" by a special exhibition on this subject. This new undertaking by the Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft is in response to the many requests from visitors who felt that the achievements of the composer siblings Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn (later Fanny Hensel) were not adequately covered by the exhibition in the Remise.

Two baroque chairs belonging to the original furnishings of Leipziger Strasse 3 serve to illustrate the living arrangements of this family, which had close ties to the highest ranks of Prussian society. With a bit of imagination, they can also be visualized as "thrones" for the famous children, Felix and Fanny.

The exhibited bust of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (a plaster cast) was created during his lifetime by sculptor Ernst Rietschel and bears testimony to the fame and recognition the composer enjoyed Europe-wide among his contemporaries. The absence of a bust of his sister Fanny is a sad reminder of the restricted roles assigned to women in an era of patriarchal dominance. The Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft intends to remedy this loss to posterity, however, by sponsoring the "Fanny Hensel Project": a competition for the creation of a bust or other contemporary form of artistic representation of Fanny Hensel.

For more details, please see: A Contrasting World.